Children’s Choice Day Care Centre close to Bundamba: Bullies

Believe it! Bullies are in preschools too. Bullying by a boy usually involves hitting. Bullying by girls is social rejection (refusing to play with a child) or verbal insults.

Preschool children may hit, since their language skills are not yet fully developed, so some hitting is normal. Children who seem to enjoy seeing others hurt may be bullies. A bully may laugh after causing another child physical pain or social rejection.

The child being bullied may feel stress or anxiety.

Pre-School Bullying Signs

Your child may display bullying symptoms such as these:

  • Fearful as preschool time nears
  • Has random headaches or stomach aches
  • Shows clingy behaviour
  • Suffers unexplained bruises and bumps
  • Sadness
  • Complains about a specific child, is withdrawn, or avoids eye contact

Stop the Bully

Take steps to help your child immediately.

  • Drop in (visit) randomly to check on your child
  • Talk to your child’s teacher
  • Talk to your child and teach him or her to use eye contact, say no, and tell a teacher
  • Enroll your child in a fun, self-defense class (karate, kickboxing, and others)
  • Find out if your child can be “buddied” up with another child for extra help.

At Children’s Choice Day Care Centre near Bundamba, we care and we watch for any signs of bullying. Where we find it, we immediately step in. Our teachers are trained to pay attention to and nurture every child, in our safe and proactive environment. Visit and find out more about our benefits to every child that walks through our nurturing doors.