Creating a Sun Safe Environment – Tips from a Day Care Centre near Booval

It’s important to be sure that your child has the safest environment possible when they are enjoying their playtime, and one of the most crucial tasks that any parent has ahead of them is protecting their child from the sun. Children’s skin is especially sensitive to the sun, and it is crucial to ensure that they are protected from the sun in these early years of their life. Not only can the sun cause painful irritation and burns, but children who receive excessive exposure and burns in these early years are at greater risk of skin cancer in later life. It only makes sense then to do the same things at home that your day care centre in the Booval area does to create a sun safe environment when your child is enjoying playtime in the sun.

Among the most important things that you can do is always to be sure that your child has the appropriate sun cream available to be sure that they are protected when they are going to be going out into the sun. This is true whether they are going to be out in the sun for an extended period or just a little while. Remember that even a few minutes of exposure can be enough to cause burns to a child’s sensitive skin. Using hats to protect children’s heads and faces from the sun as well is a major step in sun protection, so be sure to have this gear available when you’re going to be going out into the sun.

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