Preparing Your Child for Day Care near Bundamba – Tips from Our Team

The prospect of parting from a child can be scary for both parent and child, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re ready to schedule your first sessions for day care near Bundamba, there are some things that you can do that will help everybody involved have a smoother transition time and prevent any tears.

Many parents find that easing into day care is an excellent way to approach the situation if this is possible. If you can, start with just a couple of days a week to get the child accustomed to the prramme, after which you can schedule more days a week once they are used to the situation. Remember to keep a positive tone about the situation. If you remain upbeat and they see no reason to think it is something to fear, then it’s less likely that they will be fearful or upset when the day comes to enter into day care.

While you may be tempted to hang around at the day care to see that your child is okay, lingering can make your child more apprehensive. Trust in the day care workers to look after your child. The longer you stay around, the harder it will be for your child to say good-bye.

And finally, remember that finding the right day care near Bundamba is always going to help create a positive situation for everybody involved. If you’re looking for a great day care, check out Children’s Choice Early Education Centre. We have a fantastic team and a play based education model that we know you and your child will love. Contact us today for more information.