Children’s Choice Day Care Centre near Silkstone Teachers + Parents = Happy Child

Experienced early learning education teachers know that regular conversations with parents is key to happy kids, and key to parents with fewer worries about what their children are learning.

Parents worry about several topics:

  • Child’s ability to get along with others, especially if this is the child’s first time learning how to socialize with other children.

    Children’s Choice Child Care Centre near Silkstone employ teachers who can assist children with social skills by noticing when children are teased or left out of playtime activities, we help the child to integrate with the other children.

  • Child’s ability to learn, including keeping pace with the proper age group.

    Children’s Choice Child Care Centre in the Silkstone area’s early education teachers note which children are advanced or behind the others. Our teachers work interactively with each child, in a nurturing environment, to ensure a child is neither bored or struggling.

  • Child’s behaviour, including etiquette and respect.

    Children’s Choice Child Care Centre’s early education teachers have or are earning a master’s degree in early education, and manage children who are clingy, lash out, or are shy.

  • Child’s relationship with the pre-school teacher.

    Children’s Choice Child Care Centre’s early education teachers help children learn using music and hands-on play, and encourage children to ask questions.

Parents can visit our classrooms, email us, or call us by telephone. Children’s Choice Child Care Centre in Raceview, Ipswich is a Long Day care centre, open 12 hours a day, from 6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday.