How Much Time on the Screen is Too Much? – Helpful Info from a Child Care Centre in East Ipswich

The advent of new technology has also led to many new questions for parents, one of those being how much time on devices such as telephones and tablets is too much for children? While a device such as a tablet can be a great way for children to play with apps and watch educational videos, parents may wonder how much time on these devices takes away from time spent playing with traditional toys or engaging in other playtime activities. Parents often ask the workers at our child care centre in East Ipswich whether they think their kids are too distracted or attached to these devices, and what they should do to get their children to be more interested in other pastimes.

It’s understandable that parents would want their children to get off of these devices and play. Play is essential for a child’s development, and simply engaging with a device is a passive activity that doesn’t promote play the way that other types of activities do. While they are at their child care centre in East Ipswich, children will have the opportunity to spend much of their time engaging in traditional playtime activities in a play-based learning environment. But what will they do when they are at home? It is important for parents to set limits for how much time children spend on their devices so that they learn healthy habits and do not become too attached to these items early on in life. However, only you can decide what is “healthy” for your individual child.

If you want to promote play in your child’s life, though, you can give them the best start possible by contacting us. Children’s Choice Early Learning Centre encourages learning through play and is dedicated to this philosophy. For more information, check out our site.