Children’s Choice Child Care Centre near Booval: Weighty Family Matters

One in four Australian children are overweight. Children that are overweight in childhood are more likely to stay overweight throughout their lifetime. Children’s Choice Child Care Centre near Booval staff cares. At our centre:

  • We serve healthy freshly cooked/prepared meals provided each day
  • Ensure allergy care and diet awareness for children with special dietary requirements
  • Promote fun physical activity through music, art, and play that encourages movement

Fun (and Healthy) Choices at Home

Children’s Choice Child Care Centre near Booval knows that there are fun and healthy ways for families to enjoy food and exercise at home, and bond too.

  • Grow a vegetable garden together – Children enjoy watching things grow and enjoy eating what they have grown. Plant fruits and vegetables to encourage outdoor fun and family fitness.
  • Make a grocery list and shop together – The family that shops together makes better choices. Have children check off items on the shopping list and help you find items in grocery stores, to keep them from wandering the snack aisles or asking for non-nutritious items.
  • Come up with the week’s dinner together, to get family members’ input into “what’s for dinner.”
  • Have a weekly treat together as a family (healthy or not) to reward children. Treats stop constant cravings for unhealthy items.
  • Buy at least one video game that requires movement to play as a family.
  • Play music and dance with children because it’s fun and burns calories.

Children’s Choice Child Care Centre close to Booval nurtures our children and encourages movement. Together with parents, our children can stay fit and healthy.