Increase Your Child’s Early Learning Potential with Family Day Care in Raceview

It’s been another long day and when you finally arrive at the daycare centre you find an angry carer waiting for you – you were late to pick up your toddler again. You sigh, make your apologies and start the trip home. Worst of all your child is building up to a tantrum and you know why – it’s way past her dinner time.

This doesn’t have to be your typical day. We can help – we offer three meals (and two snacks) as part of our long day family daycare in Raceview. With our help, you and your child can enjoy some quality time when you get home, building that important bond between parents and child.

Raceview family day care offers play-based programme

The day starts early for many kids at Children’s Choice Early Education Centre. That’s why we open our doors at 6:30 so you can get to work on time. Your little one will enjoy the familiar breakfast routine and settle into their play-based programme. For us family day care in Raceview means just that – we provide a second family to all our children.

The rest of the day follows a predictable pattern of language, numeracy, music, movement, art, craft and more. Yes, kids love routine – but we also allow for spontaneous play and encourage inquiring minds. Our programme is flexible enough that each child can decide what they want to do each day. We pride ourselves in our outdoor area. It has a natural garden flow with pets, and outdoor arthouse and space to run, play and explore.

Did you know that play is an important part of how children learn? Our programme allows ample time for unstructured (building forts, dress-up, exploring play areas, etc.) and structured (sports, dance, music, board games) play.

Early Years Framework

At our Raceview family daycare, we follow the government approved Early Years Learning Framework that specifically encourages learning through play with the emphasis on language and communication (including numeracy and literacy at the appropriate level) and emotional and social development. The framework allows for a smooth transition between kindergarten and school and offers continuity in the teaching approach.

Our university-trained kindergarten teachers have the know-how required to help your child develop essential skills before starting school. We have been providing Raceview family day care since 2009, and we understand how children learn best when they are having fun.

Our Raceview family daycare provides healthy, home-made meals in line with the Nutrition Australia and Staying Healthy in Childcare Standards. Food is always freshly prepared and free of colourants and additives. Should your child have an allergy, we accommodate this as part of their meal plan and will help them understand the value of eating the foods that are best for their bodies.

Do you need a family day care in Raceview that will go the extra mile for your child? We can help. Contact Children’s Choice Early Education Centre today to make an appointment.